Thursday, 10 May 2012

introduction to bones

So this is basically my attempt to record what i do on my final year medical student elective in Boston, as the days are fricking long and I am usually falling asleep within a few hours of getting home, despite seeing so much!!  So sorry, if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it's really to make my elective report easier to write later on down the line.
Things i have observed over the last 2 days:
Americans work crazy long hours. Who the hell ever heard of a trauma meeting in the UK starting at 6:30am?! it's just insane, and it's not like they finish early either, we didn't finish the list today until like almost 5:30 and then they had to round on the post op patients. Apparently ortho is the only specialty that does that at my particular hospital (and anywhere in the world...!.  I'm not complaining, it's just completely different to anything I've known medically.
Americans wear scrubs everywhere. And I mean everywhere.  Like the subway, Trader Joes, just out and around.   Now coming from the UK, where scrubs are only ever, ever worn in the hospital (or in bed as pyjamas) I find this incredibly bizarre.  I suppose we inherently see them as dirty as you're supposed to cover them when you go into eating areas of the hospital and you most certainly don't wear them outside the hospital.  It's incredibly odd.  They're almost as common as jeans in some areas. I find this bizarre but will try to get used to it.
So today: OR, ortho trauma all day.  Saw trimalleolar fracture fixation, tibial plateau
polytrauma case.  Very exciting.  Hope there's more in store.  Can't believe the amount I'm seeing and how much I'm learning.  It's slightly insane.  But I fucking love it and it makes me want to do ortho even more. 

Will write more soon...

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